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Test Scripts

Dothttp provides flexibility of small tests in javascript in same file. tests are faily simple


testtestName (string), func (function)Creates a test with the name testName and body func. All tests are executed after the response handler script.
assertcondition (boolean), message (string)Checks that the specified condition is true; throws an exception otherwise. The optional message parameter serves as an exception message.
logtextPrints text to the response handler or test stdout and then terminates the line. func (function)


The global properties storage, which is used for setting, retrieving, or removing properties.

In your HTTP requests, you can access a variable saved in as variable_name by using the {{variable_name}} syntax.

setvarName (string), varValue (string)Saves the variable with the varName name to the storage and sets its value to varValue.
getvarName (string)Returns the value of the varName variable.
isEmptyChecks whether the global object has no variables defined.
clearvarName (string)Removes the varName variable from the variables storage.
clearAllRemoves all variables from the variables storage.

For more information and examples visit jetbrains-client-reference we took inspiration from jetbrains-client reference.

HTTP Response reference#

body (string or object)Response content, which is a string or a JSON object if the response's content-type is application/json.
headers (ResponseHeaders)The response headers storage object.
status (int)Response status, for example, 200 or 404.
contentType (ContentType)The contentType object, which holds the data on the Content-Type response header value.


The ResponseHeaders object is used for retrieving the data about response headers' values.

valueOfheaderName (string)Retrieves the first value of the headerName response header or null if the headerName response header does not exist.
valuesOfheaderName (string)Retrieves the array containing all values of the headerName response header. Returns an empty array if the headerName response header does not exist.


@name("text payload")
> {%
client.test("check status", function(){
// checking test and assert
client.assert(response.status ===200, "status is 200")
client.test("check json", function(){
// were able to check headers
client.assert(response.headers.valueOf('content-type') === "application/json", "content-type is json")
// were able to check json response"outputval", response.body);

For more examples visit