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Getting Started

Step 1: Install dothttp#

If you haven't already, install dothttp via pip:

pip install dothttp-req

or via docker

docker pull
# docker pull dothttp/dothttp:latest
# prefer
docker run -it --rm -v $(cwd):/http-files dothttp/dothttp

Step 2: Create new Http file#

simple get request with dothttp

? urlparamwskey1 = urlparamsvalue2
? urlparamwskey2 = urlparamsvalue2

run it via

python -m dothttp first.http

extension installation#

we ask you to use http notebooks instead of httpfiles. it comes with storing responses, shows generated properies.

Extension url: dothttp

Extension Notebook Ace output support: dotbook

To install, open extensions page, search for dothttp and dotbook install both.