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Request Ordering in Dothttp

Dothttp incorporates a variety of keywords, and using them in the wrong order can lead to errors. To ensure error-free execution, it's essential to maintain a structured approach.

The recommended order for composing a Dothttp request is as follows:

  1. Import (Optional)
  2. Name (Optional)
  3. Flags (@insecure/@clear) (Optional)
  4. URL (Required)
  5. Basicauth/Digestauth (Optional)
  6. Certificates (Optional)
  7. URL Parameters (Optional)
  8. Payload (Optional)
  9. Test Scripts (Optional)

Please note that the order may evolve in the future, but we will make efforts to maintain compatibility with older versions to support existing implementations.

This structured order ensures a clear and consistent approach to creating Dothttp requests, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing the readability of your scripts.