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Export and Import

Dothttp provides import and export from various formats.

Requires vscode and dothttp-runner extension installed


please visit installation-page or go directly to marketplace via dothttp-runner

Postman Collections#

check here Postman is most used http client out there. importing or exporing a postman collection is supported in dothttp

Import postman collection#

do ctrl+shift+p and write dothttp: import resource

Step 1:#

pick postman from list of options check here

or check alternative

Step 2:#

select how you want to import. postman provides export via json file or via link generated from postman check here


Import step by link#

paste link, it will ask which directory to save check here


or check alternative

Import step by file#

select postman collection json file check here

Export postman collection#

Postman account#

Dothttp can export http files/ notebooks into postman account. If user wants to export to postman account, he will promted for postman api token. for more information generating postman-token visit)

Postman collection#

For exporting to postman collection, open http file in vscode. click menu options in editor.

check here

select dothttp export http to postman and select folder to save file.



Follow same steps as postman-import, choose swagger over postman.

Support is availabile for both 2.0 and 3.0



Follow same steps as postman-import, choose curl over postman and paste curl

Support is availabile for both 2.0 and 3.0



Har is easiest way to export requests from chrome. dothttp has support for it. Follow same steps as postman collection, instead of postman, pick har.

Export http request to general purpose programming languages#

Dothttp provides feasibility to export http definition to general programming lanugages like python, c, java, javascript, nodejs

step-1 export#

To export to ctrl+shift+p and select >dothttp generate request programming languages, click request to export, new file be generated with .gen.[py/js/java] extension

check here

or check alternative

step-2 export#

Pick language of your choice.

Few languages have check here

Language sub options, pick if exists check here

request will be generated and opened in new tab of vscode#


Open httpfile, right click on mouse, it will show editor submenu check here