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Extension configuration


For Http files#

For http file there is no way to save response. below configurations specially made for pre notebook era. Start using notebooks easy configuration or no configuration.

Reuse old#

set to false, when opening in new tab is required for each httpdef execution

Response Save#

extension doesn't save any response from any requests but creates an untitled/unsaved editor for you to check and review. if saving is required, user can save right away.

dothttp.conf.response.savedirectory provides flexibility to choose directory.

Run Recent#

while making requests with payload spans more than current editor, scrolling up to run itchy.

set dothttp.conf.runrecent to true to run most recent request from editor panel. set dothttp.conf.runrecent to false to run always choose request from editor panel.

Show headers#

set dothttp.conf.showheaders to true to view response headers

Use Unstable#

set dothttp.conf.useunstable to true to view use unstable builds for dothttp (mostly usefull for developer)


Dothttp pip package (advanced)#

Used for development of extension

extension by default tries to download binaries from github. if user wants to move forward with pip approach,

dothttp.conf.pythonpath provides flexibility to chose python virtual environment.

User will need to manually install dothttp via python -m pip install dothttp-req and update path for it to work seemlessly

Dothttp native#

Used for development of extension

set dothttp.conf.path to dotextensions cli path. for more information of this visit

Dothttp Agent#

Used in case of webextension

Dothttp extension supports running requests in webextension with help agent. browser should be able to talk to agent. to run agent visit here

config: dothttp.conf.agent defaults to http://localhost:5000/. change this configuration only if agent is running on different port or host.

Dothttp Open in Notebook#

althouth there is support notebook files, some devs want to use old http files for executing requests. extension suggests moving to notebook, which can be annoying. turnof those notifications via setting it to true

config: dothttp.conf.hideopennotebookfromfile defaults to false