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dothttp-runner 0.0.16


  • [Improvement] curl generated for json data types will formatted for better viewing experience
  • [Improvement] notebooks will be serialized in formatted json, for better reading in git (preview)
  • [Improvement] Better completion for infile variables, completes language keywords, better details for environment/properties/infile variable information
  • [Improvement] urls can be completed from past runs(past 100 entries) (earlier it used to be from current file)
  • [Improvement] History entry will now have urls for easy filtering
  • [Bug] fast error reporting. (earlier there is bug which will not update error diagnostics right away, even though its fixed)
  • [Bug] users running with pythonpath not able to start extension for first time fixed
  • [Bug] grammer fixed and many improvements (highlights triple quotes correctly, indentation not happening fix)

dothttp-runner 0.0.11


  • users can try dothttp syntax on dothttp-playground without having to install. checkout playground
  • dothttp-runner now supports macos/darwin natively

More fixes/improvements:#

  • [Feature] no need to escape quotes or double quotes when using """ """ for data payload
  • [Feature] variables can now be multiline.
  • [Feature] extension now supports macos.