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dothttp-runner 0.0.55


  • [ New] Added Support for linux arm
  • [ Improvement] History export with date wise categorization
  • [ Improvement] Openapi3 import to dothttp is fully supported now.

dothttp-runner 0.0.54


  • [ Improvement] Suggests reloading when dothttp path or agent path is updated
  • [ Improvement] Has Support to export all the history (executed http requests) to a notebook to easy share across peers

dothttp-runner 0.0.53


  • [ Bug] Generate/OpeninEditor is not working in notebook output (bug introduced in webextension support (0.0.49))
  • [ chore ] Update dothttp cli to 0.0.41a5
    • [chore ] updates textx to 3.0.0
    • [chore ] updates requests to 2.28.1
    • [improvement ] python test script has support using for loop



  • [ Improvement] Fix script execution logging is not logging error output if compilation issue
  • [ Improvement] change from ace editor to highlighter.js for faster rendereing. if you want to keep using ace editor, install dotbook extension

dothttp-runner 0.0.51

  • [0.0.50]
  • [ Improvement] Support for html in notebook cell output
  • [ Improvement] output channel is now renamed from dothttp-code to Dothttp
  • [ Bug] Fix export to postman from notebook
  • [ Bug] history is not working after 0.0.49
  • [0.0.51]
  • [ Bug] Issue with package version to cli fixed and upgrade fix

dothttp-runner 0.0.49


  • [ Fetaure] suggestions of test scripts
  • [ Improvement] removes annoying setting of dothttp path in .settings.json
  • [ Bug] Fix for http as httpbook is not assigning correct file extension
  • [ Bug] fix(httpnotebook): open as http file fixed
  • [ Bug] fix: save output as file has filename ending with (0)
  • [ Bug] fix(generation): code generation fails when language is nodejs
  • [ Bug] fix: variables not working fixed
  • [ Feature] web extension has notebook support
  • [ Feature ] support webextension
  • [ Bug ] Fix code generation for node js not working.

dothttp-runner 0.0.45

[0.0.45] release#

  • [chore] update dotextensions-build to 0.0.41a2 build
    • new test script language(in python) support.
    • pre request script in python.
  • [bug] Generate lang is not working incase of reference to other cells

dothttp-runner 0.0.43-0.0.44


  • [ BUG ] fixed extension not working for first time users (caused by 0.0.43)


  • [ Improvements ] activates everytime.
    • helps if developer wants to import/export without having no http notebooks/files.
  • [ BUG ][Windows] import postman/har as notebook shows error warning
  • [ BUG ][Windows] Fix for Using extension opens cmd
  • [ BUG ] Fix for extension not working when installed first time.

Checkout dothttp notebook collections

dothttp-runner 0.0.42


  • [Improvement] NTLM auth suggestions and other
  • [Improvements] Notebook
    • Generate curl/code from cell itself
    • Now output of cell creates new presentation view for most used content types (simple view)
    • Actions to Reveal history/Variables view && Restart cli with ease
  • [Bug] web extension show commands only which works
  • [Bug] Earlier history is always recorded. now it respsects configuration
  • [Bump] bump dothttp version to 0.0.40

dothttp-runner 0.0.41


  • [Improvement] New Walkthroughs to setup dothttp easily
  • [Improvement] NewNotebook/NewHttpFile Menu
  • [Bump] dothttp
    • cookies are not visible in request tab or in history
    • curl for request is not including cookies
    • ntlm authentication


  • [Improvement] Use Vscode inbuilt search in notebook

dothttp-runner 0.0.38


  • [Improvement] better code outline and easy filtering
    • use '^' to filter urls
    • use '#' to filter by name
  • [Improvement] test script completion provided using request forwarding to javascript.
  • [Bug] renaming target in notebook or reording notebook is causing failure with incorrect target fixed
  • [Bug] swagger import is not showing '.yml' files while import
  • [bump]
    • dothttp version to 0.0.40a2
      • supports script suggestions
    • swagger-to-har2 to 1.0.4
      • fixes openapi3 import request payloads

dothttp-runner 0.0.37


  • [New] added create new notebook command
  • [New] support web extensions (
    • Only syntax highlighting and notebook viewing is supported for any other features.
  • [Bug] update settings gui section name (earlier it used to be configuration now it will be new)
  • [Bump] bump dothttp version to 0.0.40-alpha1
    • changes w.r.t new improvments like syntax structure.

dothttp-runner 0.0.34

  • [0.0.34]#

  • [New] show information message when ever http file is opened. to switch to httpbook
  • [Improvement] ask for file type, (http or notebook) when importing resource (swagger, har, postman, curl, curlv2)
  • [Bug] Fix uploading httpbook export as postman for a file fix
  • [Bug] Fix for server responding with incorrect json response
  • [Feature] show output if output is mentioned in request. (used occationally when response is binary) source code changes:

dothttp-runner 0.0.33


  • [Improvement] HttpBook
    • formatting for json and xml (on user input)
    • Hover, active, inactive coloring fix
    • Indicate number of headers, number tests, properties, show script output log if exists
  • [Improvement] upload httpbooks to postman collection/account
  • [Bug] Fix for Notebook target execution for first time is not working

source code changes:

Latest notebook demo:

dothttp-runner 0.0.32


  • [Feature] Postman Personal Account Integration
    • [Feature] Import Postman Collections / workspaces
    • [Feature] Export to Postman Collection (single file and folder)
  • [Feature] Better suggessions for generate programming language
  • [Feature] Httpbook response coloring, search
  • [Bug] HttpBook Generate request programming language is not working in case of target not defined in same cell
  • [Bug] Request error is not shown in case of property is not found
  • [Bug] history item not executing fixed
  • [BUMP] dothttp build to 0.0.40

source code changes:

Latest notebook demo:

dothttp-runner 0.0.31


  • [Improvement] HttpBook
    • Save Response of httpbook cell
    • Generate Programming Language (easy import) from HttpBook cell
    • Convert HttpBook to httpfile for easy sharing
    • Show Hover suggesstions in HttpBook cell
    • Run Individual target when multiple targets are defined in single cell of HttpBook notebook
    • Http Targets can be extended from http target defined in Other cell of HttpBook notebook
    • Import http file as Httpbook (notebook)
  • [Improvement] feat(useunstable): use unstable build of dothttp, includes unstable build of dothttp while figuring out which version to download
  • [Improvement] now, extension uses disposes all commands, which helps vscode editor refresh or discard extension when not in use faster
  • [Bug] Targets Execution will be taken from code lens or editor panel (earlier, it is taken from activetexteditor, which is running into errors incase its not real editor, such as output window)
  • [Bug] export to postman runs into error in case of file already exported.
  • [Bug] import postman runs into error in case of file already exits, now shows correct error message.