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dothttp-runner 0.0.25


  • [Feature] Better distinction between json and javascript
  • [Feature] editor will show suggestions in .dothttp.json
  • Bump dothttp version to 0.0.26
    • [Feature] New dynamic properties ($randomSlug, $uuid, $timestamp)
    • [Improvement] Better postman export (apikey, bearerauth)
    • [Improvement] Curl/har export shows duplicate headers in case of header has case change
    • [Improvement] Curl Generation/export will add content-length (curl itself will generate, adding it will cause other problems)
    • [Continous] keeping track of performance
    • [Improvement] load huge request payload from file without fear memory
    • [Bug] Curl/har with basic auth, adding authentication header fixed
    • [Bug] postman with urlencode not working fixed