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dothttp-runner 0.0.9

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More fixes/improvements:

  • [Announcement] dothttp-runner can be run in remote wsl and containers.
  • [Improvement] history item will now start showing time of executed for better reference.
  • [Improvement] run http def (rerun last target disabled), will now start showing urls also (for ease picking).
  • [Improvement] Configure response directory name (saving responses in request file itself is not suitable for all) use/configure dothttp.conf.response.savedirectory to not save in current file's directory.
  • [Bug] multipart (files payload) with content-type not specified is taking forever in windows platform.
  • [Bug] busybox multipart decoder is considering upload text part as file (don't set content-type for normal)
  • [Bug] don't set default python3 path (if user adds it, he has to install dothttp-req)
  • [Bug] postman import is creating duplicate folder, use showOpenDialog rather than, showSaveDialog
  • [Bug] history execute is not showing file extension/ file syntax
  • [Bug] history item hove is showing 200 undefined fixed.

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