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dothttp-runner 0.0.7


Now Users can use ${randomStr} to generate randomStrings on the fly (no need to edit to new value file again) random show case

More fixes/improvements:#

  • [Improvement] run and curl generation initally runs first target in http file.
    • when user runs/trys two generate two options
    • if dothttp.conf.runrecent to true (defaults to true)
      • runs most recently run target (optional)
    • if dothttp.conf.runrecent to false
      • asks user for which target to run
  • [Improvement] while updating properties, input box will prefills old value
  • [Improvement] added option to disable all environments at a time.
  • [Bug] History pane is loading too much data while page load fixed.
  • [Bug] curl generation in editor title is not working fixed
  • [Bug] linux installation has few glitches