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dothttp-runner 1.0.1 - 1.0.2


  • [ BUG] Fix null property file while executing request without property file


  • [ Improvement] Properties are now at workspace level
  • [ Improvement] Env are now at workspace level
  • [ Improvement] configure custom env file instead of default .dothttp.json
  • [ Bump] dotextensions-build is updated to 0.0.41a8

dothttp-runner 1.0.0

This is our first ever 1.0 release since its first introduced (Feb 2021). For past couple of months updates mainly focuses on fixing bugs and we feel now is the time to hit 1.0.

As a sole developer, i feel little proud of this product although adoption is little less. During my last job, I had work 10-20 microservices, each having its own apis. There is no client or sdk to interact with apis. Its hard to use curl as it is not easy to save or update. Postman is there (widely used) but i hated as its not dev friendly (hate switching multiple tabs and too many tabs). It also consumes huge cpu and memory. I started to built this product, solely to save and resue and dev friendly. These are the principles i have in mind.

  1. doesn't spy (or) no telemtry.
  2. dev friendly .
  3. quick import/export/share .
  4. works with existing dev tools (vscode and cli).
  5. easy to quick start and understand .
  6. save and re-use mentality .

It used be a just another cli like curl but after discussing internally with postman/insomnia users, I went on to create vscode code extension. After our first vscode extension release, there were some requests like support history, variables, multiple requests in single file, extending requests.

With its current usage, I felt investing any more in this is is not profitable (both professionally and personally). I will keep supporting(bug fixing) this but only for next 2-3 more months. and its reason for releasing it as 1.0.0.

Checkout this (this is our most promising feature) for quick recap on what dothttp runner can offer you.

dothttp-runner 0.0.64


  • [ Improvement] dothttp now shows redirect history
  • [ Bump] bump dotextensions-build to 0.0.42a5
    • fixed: clear cookie is not working properly
    • new: dothttp redirect history support
    • chore: Bump certifi from 2022.9.24 to 2022.12.7

dothttp-runner 0.0.63


  • [ Improvement] History now includes filename for each cell block.
  • [ Bump] bump dotextensions-build to 0.0.42a3
    • [Improvement ] Adds support for hawkauth
    • [Chore ] builds with python3.11 and its improvements
    • [Chore ] openssl update from 1.1.1p to 1.1.1q

dothttp-runner 0.0.62


  • [ BUG] History tree item is not showing all, if there is an error in one item
  • [ Improvement] History export now excludes cells with no status code
  • [ BUMP]
    • bump dotextensions-build to 0.0.41 from 0.0.40

dothttp-runner 0.0.58


  • [ BUG] fix Property view is not showing for .http/.dhttp files
  • [ Feature] Support hiding property value by default
    • toggle/untoggle for to view/hide
  • [ BUMP] dotextensions version bump
    • adds support for & url params.

dothttp-runner 0.0.55


  • [ New] Added Support for linux arm
  • [ Improvement] History export with date wise categorization
  • [ Improvement] Openapi3 import to dothttp is fully supported now.

dothttp-runner 0.0.54


  • [ Improvement] Suggests reloading when dothttp path or agent path is updated
  • [ Improvement] Has Support to export all the history (executed http requests) to a notebook to easy share across peers

dothttp-runner 0.0.53


  • [ Bug] Generate/OpeninEditor is not working in notebook output (bug introduced in webextension support (0.0.49))
  • [ chore ] Update dothttp cli to 0.0.41a5
    • [chore ] updates textx to 3.0.0
    • [chore ] updates requests to 2.28.1
    • [improvement ] python test script has support using for loop



  • [ Improvement] Fix script execution logging is not logging error output if compilation issue
  • [ Improvement] change from ace editor to highlighter.js for faster rendereing. if you want to keep using ace editor, install dotbook extension

dothttp-runner 0.0.51

  • [0.0.50]
  • [ Improvement] Support for html in notebook cell output
  • [ Improvement] output channel is now renamed from dothttp-code to Dothttp
  • [ Bug] Fix export to postman from notebook
  • [ Bug] history is not working after 0.0.49
  • [0.0.51]
  • [ Bug] Issue with package version to cli fixed and upgrade fix

dothttp-runner 0.0.49


  • [ Fetaure] suggestions of test scripts
  • [ Improvement] removes annoying setting of dothttp path in .settings.json
  • [ Bug] Fix for http as httpbook is not assigning correct file extension
  • [ Bug] fix(httpnotebook): open as http file fixed
  • [ Bug] fix: save output as file has filename ending with (0)
  • [ Bug] fix(generation): code generation fails when language is nodejs
  • [ Bug] fix: variables not working fixed
  • [ Feature] web extension has notebook support
  • [ Feature ] support webextension
  • [ Bug ] Fix code generation for node js not working.

dothttp-runner 0.0.45

[0.0.45] release#

  • [chore] update dotextensions-build to 0.0.41a2 build
    • new test script language(in python) support.
    • pre request script in python.
  • [bug] Generate lang is not working incase of reference to other cells

dothttp-runner 0.0.43-0.0.44


  • [ BUG ] fixed extension not working for first time users (caused by 0.0.43)


  • [ Improvements ] activates everytime.
    • helps if developer wants to import/export without having no http notebooks/files.
  • [ BUG ][Windows] import postman/har as notebook shows error warning
  • [ BUG ][Windows] Fix for Using extension opens cmd
  • [ BUG ] Fix for extension not working when installed first time.

Checkout dothttp notebook collections

dothttp-runner 0.0.42


  • [Improvement] NTLM auth suggestions and other
  • [Improvements] Notebook
    • Generate curl/code from cell itself
    • Now output of cell creates new presentation view for most used content types (simple view)
    • Actions to Reveal history/Variables view && Restart cli with ease
  • [Bug] web extension show commands only which works
  • [Bug] Earlier history is always recorded. now it respsects configuration
  • [Bump] bump dothttp version to 0.0.40

dothttp-runner 0.0.41


  • [Improvement] New Walkthroughs to setup dothttp easily
  • [Improvement] NewNotebook/NewHttpFile Menu
  • [Bump] dothttp
    • cookies are not visible in request tab or in history
    • curl for request is not including cookies
    • ntlm authentication


  • [Improvement] Use Vscode inbuilt search in notebook